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Creating routines in your life is important.  It is something I have been slowly integrating into my life. I am curious by nature.  Therefore, I tend to drift off the path more often than I should. It brings initial excitement but results in suffering. I know that, for better or for worse, routines promote commitment.  At times, it may be cultural or temporary.  However, routines are patterns of behavior that are observable, regular, repetitive and provide structure for daily life.*

In this Psychology Today blog, the author presents how people often change in unpredictable ways over time.  “Ultimately, of course, we bear the responsibility for who we are. But the way we influence who we are isn’t by simply deciding to be different. We have to be clever. We have to pull levers—arrange positive influences—that actually yield the changes we want.”

Which internal influencer do you most often want to pull out of yourself? Do you want it to be the character with strengths or weaknesses?

Here’s the idea: get clever with a routine. Create or arrange positive influences in your work or home space with objects, scents, colors and design.  Make a healthy commitment toward a self-concept you desire; Something you strive to achieve.

DESIGN^under-responsive | corporate office desk in consideration for your best self if muted or delayed responses to daily sensory events
DESIGN^sensory-craving | corporate office kitchen space in consideration to achieve your best self if with an insatiable drive for enhanced sensory experiences
DESIGN^over-responsive | living space in consideration to achieve your best self if exaggerated, negative responses is a typical sensory experience
*the American Occupational Therapy Association, The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, November/December 2008, Volume 62, No. 6, p674

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