Desperate to change? These three are guaranteed success.

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We may all take a lesson on programs from Benjamin Franklin’s attempt to achieve moral perfection.

Ben outlined thirteen virtues then created a program requiring daily check marks to track his adherence. As he exceeded with check marks in one virtue he shifted focus to the next virtue while continuing to track the later. As focus shifted, check marks of the prior perceived ‘accomplished virtue’ diminished.

Achieving mindfulness to be more virtuous through his program only provided a short term benefit for Ben.

Wellness Programs are good sources of reliability. They are structured to get to the end result. Although, life is far from a program. Individuals are uniquely different.  More than half don’t even sign up for programs. Simply put, a program may not fit a lifestyle.

Each day throws a curve ball, some messier than others. What outreach is universal?

Life is imperfect, purposeful, and awareness heightens reliability to achieve the end result. Methods to break down madness are unique to each individual.

When desperate to change a hunt for the best path to overcome begins.

A universal approach to brave change with guaranteed results of health and longevity includes these three things:

Imperfection is the jackpot.

We connect through storytelling. Guarantee you have more than one story of imperfection. Openly sharing your imperfections requires vulnerability and creates accountability. Share an unhealthy habit with people driven for the long-term resolve. Similar desires will energize accountability which strengthens change for the long haul.

Purpose ripples as vigor.

There’s a purpose for your existence. Knowing your purpose frees the hand-cuffs to change. Consider each action as a ripple in this big ocean called existence. Peter Kreeft argued that suffering is death not death is suffering. Death to the things that  weaken your ripple will cause suffering. Suffering brings magnificent waves when eyes are on the long-term prize.

Awareness for inspiration.

Check-in all feelings for high-definition sensation. An emotional check-out is a black-out. Call feelings and emotions by name before action. Its been said its wise to first state character weaknesses followed by strengths before a joint venture agreement. So, emotionally check-in to inspire movement into a high-definition lifestyle. Awareness of the ugly and the lovely is the secret sauce to long-term relationships and benefits.


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