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Have you ever noticed that most characters in TV shows and movies are extroverts?  Think about it.  Do you recall a character that constantly sought time alone? However, not everyone has the same idea about what enjoyable group activities are.  So where does that leave us?  Life is a balance of solidarity and socializing.  How we handle both, can affect all aspects of our lives dramatically.

When are you the happiest?   Consider your roles at home, work and in the community. Perhaps it’s difficult to handle challenging activities in a group or transitioning from alone to group tasks.

Don’t worry, there are healthy ways to enjoy time in a social setting.  Our wellbeing services focus on transitioning between being alone, with people, diverse tasks, and environments. Enjoyable group activities with some people may be the challenge.  We understand there is difficult to facing the awkwardness head on and make the best of the situation.

What sensations do you feel the most?  GIG Design is skilled in the body’s sensory needs. Together we may build upon ideas to make them work in your favor.

Check out our collection of Pins categorized by sense. Trial one or build upon an idea.

What is holding you back?  Fear, anxiety, discomfort, apathy?   Let’s take a closer look by identifying barriers to your performance. Many factors affect daily life.  Our clinicians may turn what you see as weaknesses into strengths. Collaborate for purposeful performance.

WholeBe Toolkits use a method that sticks.

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