One Toilet Paper Square Improves Performance

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Health experts often recommend routines to build healthy habits. What do you do when the unexpected destructs that routine diet, exercise plan, or stress relief plan?

Enter: toilet paper.

We use it routinely. It’s designed to roll, to tear, for comfort, for hygiene, and for biodegradable properties that keep plumbing free from clogs.

Do these features come to mind every time you spin a roll of TP?

If this analogy makes you uncomfortable then its likely you have sensitivities worthy to explore. This link connects to experts trained in sensitivity endeavors.

Awareness is necessary to engage in a task. Performance outcomes depend on insight and awareness. Toilet paper is a universal reality. Most may agree its an intuitive product, no instruction required. So, do you measure use with the perforation? And how does measuring T.P. squares affect your plumbing? Do you control the speed T.P. rolls off its symmetrical frame? Do you buy for comfort or do you go for affordable?

Action creates a domino effect on health + economy of self, culture, world. Consider this: the act to use one toilet paper square improves performance of economy, of sewer, of mentally and physically engaging in the intended task. Such a striking metaphor of how interaction with one object feeds into a greater scheme. Awareness of body and mental performance sets intention. Action thoughtfully gauges object use and surrounding factors in consideration of values and purpose.

Being fully engaged reduces costly effects of overuse and abuse of mind, body, product, and culture (Gallup).  

GIG Design advances foundational routines by investing in employee awareness. When individuals gain this habit they become agile in an emotional, unpredictable world. If your wellbeing objectives include managing stress in a thoughtful way, we’re the support system that provides the health + design formula. Here’s how to contact us.