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Initiate GIG Design’s services by choosing one of three services for achieving desired performance outcomes your business seeks: improving competitive advantage, employee health and wellness, productivity, and teamwork, or to reduce turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism.

  • Clients select employees or departments to initiate services.
  • We or our Client distributes an email to selected employees to introduce and initiate a conversation about GIG’s services.
  • A prompt and weblink is included in the email to submit the Performance Assessment.
  • The 15-minute quantitative and qualitative assessment assigns performance behavior and outcome values to 38 questions.
  • Upon submission a bar graph of actionable behaviors, their definitions and performance factors are presented.
  • Once all assessments are submitted a bar graph measuring performance outcomes is emailed to our Client. A virtual meeting is scheduled to discuss and collaborate on next steps.
  • Every 90 days a re-assessment measures performance behavior and outcome improvements.