GIG Design tracks performance predictors for all Clients. Our scoring produces the greatest value and provides competitive advantage for individuals, business departments, job descriptions, and companywide index scores.

GIG Design’s evidence-based process self-directs the following actionable performance behaviors away from absenteeism, accidents, defects, theft, and turnover. Results improve customer loyalty, productivity, and profitability. Track performance predictors over a minimum of 180 days to achieve actionable performance outcomes.

PHYSICAL  Body movement and eating behaviors. Performance is routine.

Behaviors include exercise, nutrition, body-care habits.

OCCUPATIONAL  Activity and situational behaviors. Performance is enriching.

Behaviors include time-management, role support, adjusting to tasks.

INTELLECTUAL  Creativity and cognitive behaviors. Performance is motivating.

Behaviors include problem-solving, safety, applying ideas.

SPIRITUAL  Existence and purpose-seeking behaviors. Performance is meaningful.

Behaviors include hope, resiliency, value-based support.

SOCIAL  Community and environmental behaviors. Performance is contributory.

Behaviors include engaging, uniting, cultural goodwill.

EMOTIONAL  Awareness and feeling behaviors. Performance is acceptance.

Behaviors include stress-management, compassion, mood transference.