Quit Being Pathetic. Plan To Provoke Leisure With Blissful Sensations.

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It seems there are times in the year that just seem chaotic.  It can be an increased momentum within your personal life, a sudden heavy load professionally or certain once-in-a-lifetime events.  Wedding season, anyone?

Planning comes naturally to some.  I grew up in a family where a little bound book documented everyone’s life.  We all knew where we needed to be if we saw the initial to our first name within the family planner. But certainly this may not be genetic or even learned for some of us.

Many people plan to prevent, such as preventing bankruptcy during retirement or even preventing an empty fridge by stopping at the grocery store at the end of the work day.

Often overlooked is planning to take care of ourselves – whether through leisurely tasks or sweating it out.  Given,there are things in life that are unpredictable as life can be but we can aim to prevention planning to some extent.

Prevention is a powerful tool and one of the best ways to prevent a plethora disorders (cardiac, cognitive, and/or stress-related) is through movement and relaxation.

One of the best ways to stick with it is to integrate your senses during your experience. Here are three prevention tactics I plan into my week to help me to quit being pathetic and provoke leisure with blissful sensations:

  • Taking in the smell of seaweed and sounds of seagulls makes for a perfect walk on the beach.
  • Going out to run on a trail intrigues me more than the treadmill.
  • Planning a get-away reminds me that even difficult weeks are worth it.

How do you plan movement or relaxation into your week?

Luckily, all this planning is paying off for me lately.  Since starting to jog in the morning, my body naturally wakes up and craves that.  Less mental planning is required – what more could you ask for at 6am?







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