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Within hours of drafting this, the emotional stories from those I love fell on my heart. It’s unsettling to listen to the ache in a loved ones voice. The pain conveyed in expressing their dilemma is palpable. How do you help? If it’s your emotional dilemma, what do you do?

Strip those pre-conceived ideas of meditation to fully understand the health benefits. Research continues to flood us with data on necessary development of our brain function. Meditation supports regulating your own emotions by helping the brain handle various dilemmas like the following: pain toleranceemotional control, feelings of tension, external distractionsfear of unknownsphysical issuesabsenteeismawareness of genetic diseases.

For emotional wellbeing consider how and what you invest your time and resources in. These add up as ways we medicate suffering or celebrate purpose. The investments to medicate with ‘things’ pays out with age. This has been my experience as a clinician with over twenty years of experience assisting adults towards health and independence. Today, choose to deliver your emotional wellbeing.

GIG Design | Emotional Wellbeing


DESIGN^interceptive | Self-communicate with reminders that ‘it’s time to invest’ in reducing issues from negative, avoidant, aversive, or defensive behaviors.


DESIGN^smell | Engage in meditation at the office by sitting in the aroma of calming, balancing cedar.


DESIGN^sensory-craving | Comforting textures and dim-lit in consideration to achieve your best meditation environment if with an insatiable drive for enhanced sensory experiences.


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