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$995 per employee.

With the Equip Service option employees are taught a performance method through our WholeBeSM toolkits. The WholeBeSM method integrates a framework of health and design-thinking for reoccurring success following GIG Design coaching. WholeBeSM Performance toolkit is foundational to improving performance though a healthy lifestyle. WholeBeSM Design toolkit is foundational to selecting work environments and tasks that better performance. GIG Design wins when an individual no longer contacts us by taking advantage of our unlimited coaching services offered with the Equip service option.

  • Selected employees complete our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative Performance Assessment.
  • Submitted answers immediately provides a bar graph of current actionable performance behaviors, their definitions and the factors effecting each behavior.
  • A Performance Outcome summary is provided to the employer following completion of the Performance Assessment.
  • A GIG Design Coach follows-up the assessment with a pre-scheduled, 45-minute online direct assessment to identify and discuss strategies of the three top actionable performance behaviors revealed as a barrier to performance outcomes.
  • GIG Design Coach facilitates our WholeBeSM method online within a minimum of three to six 45-minute online sessions.
  • Online sessions are provided a minimum of one time weekly with email interaction offered 24-hours throughout services.
  • Coaching reveals untapped resources, teaches creativity, empowers active listening, and motivates personal and culture values.
  • Ongoing coaching is provided as needed following completion of WholeBeSM.
  • Behavior and performance outcomes are measured over a minimum of 180-days.