The Value of Using Sick Days For Emotional Wellbeing

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Through great adoration of my genealogy I commonly seek what the Dutch culture does in situations I’m faced with. The recent flu shot requirements in health care led me searching.

The question here is what’s the most effective way to prevent getting the flu? Illness arrives from a poorly kept immune system. Stress management, healthy diet, adequate exercise, an invigorating social life are excellent flu prevention tactics. The Dutch weigh in:

“Loneliness could perhaps be overcome if the elderly helped pre-school children with language impairments improve their reading,” was drafted into legislation as a proposal then posted in the Volkskrant newspaper.

“Or a retired accountant in a wheelchair could help out at the local council’s debt advice service.” (the Telegraph)

The Telegraph’s Bruno Waterfield informed readers that Dutch health minister Martin van Rijn drafted a recent plan. The proposal was for people to voluntarily work within society to pay for their benefits.

Through only the recent hundreds of faces seen through my occupational therapy practice their words shared belief that the aged or disabled become physically and mentally worthless in society.  Does you suddenly feel queazy?

Self-care is a good reason to use employer sick days. 70% of one weekday may be spent in bed with no physical illness, When the body is combatting illness it feels tired. A nap wouldn’t suffice this type of fatigue. Emotional sickness is viable and real when there is mourning for something lost. In those times calling in to work revives the body, soul, the mind AND it keeps performance at its best. Clearly, we are not machines.

Limbs, lungs and sinuses are only three components to the body. The brain is an engine that benefits from rest. It is worthy of an employer offered ‘sick day.

Perhaps the future may require voluntary work by elderly to acquire health care benefits. If this becomes a reality then the mind and body will benefit from self-care in the middle years in life. The value of using sick days for emotional w wellbeing is a higher act of service for everyone on the globe – in today’s world and tomorrow’s.