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$995 per employee.

With the Equip Service option employees become aware of how to integrate their values into supporting their employers mission and vision. Additionally, they identify which values cause a barrier in teamwork and competitive advantage. Through being resourceful without losing their sense of purpose employee behaviors support the success of their workplace culture.

  • Selected employees complete our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative¬†Performance Assessment.
  • Submitted answers immediately provides a bar graph of current actionable performance behaviors, their definitions and the factors effecting each behavior.
  • A Performance Outcome summary is provided to the employer following completion of the Performance Assessment.
  • A GIG Design Coach follows-up the assessment with a pre-scheduled, 45-minute online direct assessment to identify and discuss strategies of the three top actionable performance behaviors revealed as a barrier to performance outcomes.
  • GIG Design Coach facilitates our WholeBeSM method online within a minimum of three to six 45-minute online sessions.
  • Online sessions are provided a minimum of one time weekly with email interaction offered 24-hours throughout services.
  • Coaching reveals untapped resources, teaches creativity, empowers active listening, and motivates personal and culture values.
  • Ongoing coaching is provided as needed following completion of¬†WholeBeSM.
  • Behavior and performance outcomes are measured over a minimum of 180-days.