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How is mental and physical awareness important to health, relationships, a meaningful life?

Wellbeing Design identifies the method and process used personally and shared as a consultant. Perfection is unattainable, so the method repurposes passion. In conclusion,  rewards of victory! There are effective nuggets of this method and process.

This diary will share what, how and why wellbeing + design is effective.

Creative wellbeing is the process of awareness of the person, tasks, and environments that play a part to current and future health. Furthermore, it’s an exploration of physical, occupational (activities), intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional values. This process heightens awareness to health barriers, health resources and results in healthy habits.

Disclaimer: This is my journey.

A friend of mine shared a term one doctor uses to describe a person’s lifestyle: circus. So, by using this term it separates life into performances, performers, sets, sights, tastes, sounds, activities and admission rates. One has preferences of who or what enters their circus. Most of all, a circus can either be really good or terrible.

This diary is free admission into my circus.


Value. For two weeks I witnessed how I valued my voice, my body, my relationships, my time, and my finances. Consequently, to be of value I need to be valuable. To renew this deep, instinctive skill I’m seeking a body attuned to basic order.

Stress. At 2:30am I woke up restless. Over two waking hours I read and prayed. As a result the anxiousness left me. Hence, I drifted back asleep. The second waking left me off target for my first meal. A simple adjustment put order back in place. My most productive work hours had to be split in two. No problem. I got my workout in!

Body Functioning Awareness

A food and sleep timeline provides orderly basic body function. Hormones release with order. They trigger organs to function and signal messages to the brain. Hormones directly effect feelings and health. By establishing sleep, work, meals, and exercise times I’m weakening emotional reactiveness to assist hormone regularity.

This is one way I’m heightening awareness of my body’s value. My actions declare my body is valuable.