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Heroic stories begin with a disadvantaged person due to the unthinkable or uncontrollable.  The characters in those stories always overcome their obstacles. That’s what we’re after here. What is your steadfast, never fail advantage?

Without fail, change happens. So, let the air out of your tires for testing sake. Take what you believe is your number one strength into the following three scenarios:

1) You have arthritis in your fingers, knees, and neck.

2) A natural disaster destroyed everything you own.

3) The person you trust the most confessed they abused a child.

In the above situations, did your number one strength prevail?

The state of being strong is a guaranteed lifelong test. Recently the acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert posted on Instagram a telling image. Vulnerably, she shares, in beating herself up for not being good enough. When weakness sets in, the advantage of your greatest strength will be tested.  Your heroic moment will be defined by how you overcome.

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DESIGN^interceptive | In context of your stage of life and history a memory-provoking object in view may jog  memory to the integrity of your purpose, engaging meaning in your behavior.


DESIGN^smell | In an occupation, like self-care or work, a seat from nature may bring function and likely the scent of the outdoors as a connector to the bigger world outside of your community or culture.


DESIGN^sensory craving | In sense of built environments, furnish surroundings and body positions that lead in to being reflective of your purpose.

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